At Ethnic Community Care Links Inc (ECCLI), we will work with you and/or your carer to help you retain or improve your capacity to live independently in your own home.  We will discuss your assessed needs and agree on the support you need to achieve this.

Our friendly Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist, Case Managers and Support Workers, who speak various languages other than English, are here to assess your needs, assist with communication to eligible clients when shopping, visiting the doctor’s or even on a social visit.

We also promote Functional Independence, Wellness/Active Ageing approach which emphasises optimum physical/mental well being and acknowledges the importance of social connection.

We have outings and social events which happen regularly in our three centres at Townsville, Ingham and Ayr. We will help you to be part of the community by actively assisting with the cultural, physical or verbal barriers you may be experiencing.

We assist you by:

  • Assessing your needs and explaining your support options;
  • Identifying your life goals and helping you achieve them;
  • Enhancing or rebuilding your capacity to undertake and manage your day to day activities;
  • Ensuring you are happy and safe at home for as long as possible;
  • Being there for you in a timely, friendly and courteous manner.